Have you ever wondered why just the word Tequila sparks excitement in your very soul? If so, this is a tasting for you. Tequila is a delectable spirit, whose discovery has lead to human sacrifices, dancing on bars and for many, a wild night that we may or may not want to be remembered. Tequila can also be considered a delicate spirit, that is to be sipped neat or enjoyed in delicious cocktails before, during or even after a meal. This tasting will teach you how to discern between the good and the bad, to appreciate the rich complexity of aged tequila and how to properly consume all of the above.

Designed for a minimum of 8 people with a maximum of 12.  All materials are included:
Additional cocktails available for an additional fee.
      •   Four premium Tequila’s of different ages
      •   One cocktail to be served
      •   Glassware and Take home materials